XNA for everyone


I just got a really interesting email from Jon Schwartz about a C# program that he has been working on. It's called Phrogram, this is a simple language that is interpreted through the CLR, it is designed for educating people on programming. Jon Schwartz writes,

“In a nutshell, Phrogram makes it fun and easy to program games and graphics – including, for instance, 35 simple instructions to fly a 3D model around in a 3D skybox, controlled with an Xbox controller.  10-year olds can do this, and grown-ups who have never before programmed.”

Phrogram will soon have an add-in that will allow you or your 10 year old to compile your creations to your Xbox 360. Now what I am looking forward too is these same guys that made it simple enough for 10 year olds to write games, are partnering up with Garage Games. They are using TorqueX game engine as the rendering engine for there new product Phrogram Indie Game Developer coming next year.

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