WPF – Tournament Presenter


Tournament Presenter is a customized score board display written for the PBA to allow onsite fans to quickly gauge the state of a bowling tournament.


  • The display needed to be Extendable. PBA host many different styles of tournaments, Tournament Presenter needed an easy method of adding functionality for the new tournament formats.
  • Screen Resolution independents. None of the target display  hardware  was guaranteed to  use the same resolution. Displays needed to look the same on all sizes.
  • Displays needed to look sharp be capable of animation, graphics and color.
  • Data source for displays needed to be small and work disconnected.

Technology Overview:

The displays where written in C# on .Net 3.5 platform. WPF was leverage  for rendering GUI, XML for the data source, Clickonce for publishing, NUnit for testing and MEF for Extendibility.


Tournament Presenter On ESPN

Look to the seek times at 00:22, 1:08, 3:40, 4:20, 5:40, 6:50, and 7:19 these will give a good idea of how they are used in production.
ESPN Video