Universal/Global Spell checks vs Free Dyslexic Helper, System Wide Spell Check


I have been looking for a good universal or system wide spell check for a long time I finally gave up and coded one for my self. I really like my spell check its simple and its fast. Basically it takes two key strokes to use, one to copy the text, two to launch the spell checker with a global assigned hot key. After you have corrected the spelling you paste it back. That is it, simple and fast. Do me a favor anyone that reads this blog compare what I threw together to some of the others. If enough people use/like my spell check I could add some new features like an auto-update and optimizing its memory usage.

My Spell check
Dyslexic Helper - System Wide Spell check.


Enso Words 39.95 - This one takes way to many key strokes and seems too intrusive on what you are doing. I didn't want something to take up my whole screen and all of my attention. It is however very clever program and well done.

GlobalSpellChecker (freeware) - I like it, its free, and it contains a dictionary(very cool). But it uses the Microsoft Word spell checker and you have to leave the keyboard and actually access the program with your mouse, I guess you could combine it with slickrun to make this faster. It also looks like it only does one word per call to GLobalSpellCheck.

Spell Check Anywhere $29.97 - It seems to be the same as what I have done but you have to pay for it.