The One Game to Rule Me.


I feel like a recovering crack addict who fell off the wagon. I have an addiction problem with MMOs, I was stuck on World of Warcraft for about a year I could not stop playing it, it wasn't until my computer had a melt down and I was forced to take a break that I acutely was able to quit the Wow habit. I was clean for almost a year, I focused on school and learning more programming, but I found my self a new drug it is called The Lord of the Rings Online, I am ashamed to say that it is eating my sole all ready. I love Middle-Earth and the amount of lore these guy put into it is amazing, wondering around this immense world really makes you feel like you are adventuring in the same one as Bilbo and Frodo. I am trying my best to limit my fanatic zeal for playing this game but my attempts are weak and you can probly find me online I am on the server Arkenstone, and my name is Grubz hope to see you in game.