System Wide Spell Check


Dyslexic Helper is a spell check that can be used anywhere in windows.

I have a bit of a problem spelling due to my dyslexia, to help me with this I wrote an application that spell checks copied text. This application can be run anywhere in windows by a combination of keys or the application menu, accessed via the system tray. Feel free to use this application as much as you like.

To use this application just follow the steps below.

  1. (3.36 mb)
  2. Unzip the File named
  3. Once unzipped open the newly created folder and run the setup.exe
  4. This setup will install the necessary files to run Dyslexic Helper. Dyslexic helper will also place a shortcut file in your programs folder and another in the startup folder.
  5. Once the application is installed run it start>All Programs>Dyslexic Helper.

  1. Now that Dyslexic Helper is running, to use it you just need to highlight any text in windows copy it and hit the Windows key + F7. This hot key combination can be changed through options in the menu.

  1. Finally correct your spelling and paste it where you need it.

This application is written by me using VB.Net as well as C# and the entire source is availble here, if you would like to see how it works. The spell check control I used is called NetSpell. I have changed this control a little bit but mostly just for looks. The system wide hot key control I found at The Code Project I modified it a little so I could change the hotkey at runtime and return the current selected hotkey as a text value. (3.36 mb)