PBA.com Rewrite From ASP Classic to ASP.Net MVC


PBA.com had become a maintenance issue with majority of the code base written under ASP classic by programmers who no longer worked in the organization.


  • Use a current language/framework that promotes best practices such as unit testing, separation of concerns, and  DRY code.
  • Framework needed to provide complete control over HTML giving Web designers easier means to create clean CSS/HTML design templates.
  • Search engine optimization friendly.
  • Business logic must be decoupled from the database.
  • Old URLs must give a 301 status code and be correctly routed to the new standard.

Technology Overview:

PBA.com was rewritten from ASP Classic to ASP.Net MVC. The MVC framework provided us with good base for the best practice we needed, improving the maintainability of the site. The MVC routing engine enabled us with a means to route old URLs to their new MVC counter part properly. For the Model in MVC we choose Nhibernate. Nhibernate proved to be both performant and flexible, giving PBA not just PBA.com  a reusable stable business logic layer.