How do I learn?


    I was at school the other day talking to a class mate he was admitting to me that some thing big needs to change in his life. He was about to graduate with a BS in Software Engineering and he all ready has his AAS in Software Application Programming, but he still did not have confidence in his abilities as a programmer. This made me think; we started school at the same time with about the same skill level. Why has my skill and confidence in them surpassed his? I believe it has to be because I strive to find and consume knowledge in multiple ways.
    I regularly listen to podcasts and watch webcast. I am also subscribing to multiple blogs from people I believe to be successful and knowledgeable programmers. I always have at least one book that I am reading that is related to the field. I attend classes on programming as well as try to instruct others on techniques through my blog as well as in person. On top of my work, I always have a side project going on that allows me to practice new and interesting technologies. That seems like a lot and it is, but I enjoy it. I guess that is the real answer, you have to enjoy it to be proficient at it.