GoalSystem, Delves - Character Sheet


GoalSystem, Delves - Character Sheet, is a web application design to build and store characters for the table top game GoalSystem, Delves.


  • Registration should be painless.
  • Creating characters should be easy.
  • Site design should be clean and simple.
  • Site needs to be done in under 100 hours.


GoalsSheet.com was developed in less than a month by a single developer(me) and as a side project. The goal was to learn ASP.Net MVC 4, Twitter Bootstrap, and Entity Framework. I tried  make registration as painless as possible. I choose to use OAuth Web Security and used both Google and Facebook providers. To provide a clean and simple design I used Twitter Bootstrap’s scaffolding and forms templates. To speed up development I built a framework that used an adapter pattern over entity framework models. This allowed me to  create  basic CRUD views for any entity model in about 10 lines of code. I choose SQL Server 2005  for my backend because it was familiar and all ready setup on my web server.

Technology Overview:

GoalsSheet.com was build with ASP.Net MVC 4, jquery 1.8, Twiter Bootstrap 2.3.2, OAuth, MS SQL 2005 and Entity Framework 4.4

Screen Shot: