Getting Started with .Net Development


I am really impressed with the amount of developer support being put out by Microsoft; everything you need to get started is pretty much free. You can download the Express version of Visual Studios and it gives you a majority of its big brothers features which is 300$ IDE, the most notable difference is that the express version is not pluggable. There are different flavors of Visual Studio express, one for windows, web with AJAX, hardware/robotics and game /XNA development.  Although the free IDE is nice and I use visual studio as my primary development tool I am totaly blown away with the amount of resources available for learning. I am not talking about the MSDN Library, most of the time the MSDN documentation just confuses me, but webcast live and On Demand, podcasts and virtual labs are fantastic. There is tons of time worthy information put up here for beginning and advance programmers. It’s the first place I go to when I am trying to learn a new technology. I hear a lot of trash talked about Microsoft everywhere I go but I feel they have the best development support out there.