Code Search Engine


Found a cool code search engine called that crawls open source projects by language for code examples. It has a great syntax highlighting and plugs into your IDE.

Finding your Solution/Discoverability for DotNet Developers.



I was listening to .Net Rocks today and they where interviewing Dan Appleman on discoverability. I thought when I herd this title it was going to be a show on how to make you application features get noticed, but this show was even better. This show was on how to make your life as a developer easier, easier by tipping you on how to find solutions to your problems that have already been solved. The best tip was on Google custom search this allows you to create your own seach that only searches sites that you specify. Dan Appleman has already done this work for us .Net Developers. He gathered up his favorite reference sites and created the site SearchDotNet. Try it out!